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Guide in the Basque Country


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 You have come to the Basque Country, be sure to visit Hondarribia . This small coastal town located on Spanish territory in the province of Guipuzcoa,

but practically on the border with France. Hondarribia is undoubtedly one of the most charming places in the Basque Country. It can be called a true open-air museum. In Hondarribia perfectly preserved medieval old part of town and literally every corner breathes history. The impressive defensive walls and bastions, the magnificent facades of mansions, family crests, and lovely manicured balconies with flowers ... literally everything here is admirable. Armory Square - is one of the main sights of Hondarribia. Central place here occupies the Castle of the Emperor Charles V (Castillo del Emperador Carlos V). It´s facade still bears traces of cannonballs. The original fortress walls were built here in the X century. Currently, within the walls of this castle is located Parador hotel (Parador de Turismo). Strolling down the winding cobbled streets of Hondarribia and admiring the stunning medieval houses, you will surely feel the spirit of this beautiful place. The bright and colorful fisherman's quarter is absolutely must see in Hondarribia. Here the houses of fishermen according to the old tradition painted in green, red and blue colors. The fishing quarter is full of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Hondarribia is famous by its wonderful restaurants and bars with pinchos so it is certainly worth to visit.