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Guide in the Basque Country


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The Basque Country or Euskadi spans an area between Northern Spain and Southwest France, between the Western Pyrenees and the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic coast. The region has an old history from prehistoric times, Roman Empire, middle Ages, Spanish Empire, and Napoleonic wars. Basque people also keep the oldest language in Europe, along with old traditions ranging from culture, sport, and gastronomy.


Landscape is one the attractions of the Basque Country, The coast comprises sandy beaches and sea cliffs, with bays like the famous La Concha and open beaches. Next to the coast you will find the Basque Mountains with green valleys, idyllic countryside and spectacular geological formations. Nature lovers will enjoy it here in various forms: hiking and mountaineering, surfing, mountain biking, golf etc.

Gastronomy occupies a large part of the culture of the Basque Country, This region is supposed to be a gastronomic paradise. There is a high concentration of restaurants specializing in "haute cuisine" and the Michelin star, along with many gastronomic societies or txokos. Here, at txokos the gastronomic culture remains popular and traditional.

Although the territory of the Basque Country is small, you will find many interesting things. It impresses with its flavor, beauty and mystery and inspires romantic wishes.